What Is A Funnel | 10 Case Studies of Successful Funnels

I was waiting for the marketing instructor to pull out the beer bong and roll out the keg when I first heard the term funnel in an educational setting. I thought we were about to take a break and get wild up in class. However, that wasn’t the case at all. The funnel that I was being introduced to is the future of marketing a business online and will replace many traditional websites that are currently in use.

What Is A Funnel?

In this video, entrepreneur, author & speaker Russell Brunson explains what a funnel is and why it’s important to understand marketing strategies before creating an online sales funnel for your business.

What Is A Funnel Video Run-Time: 8 minutes & 29 seconds


3 Key Takeaways From “What Is A Funnel?”

  1. Funnels Are The Future – Most people have obviously heard of a website. After all, you wouldn’t be reading this right now if you’ve never heard of a website.

    I remember back in the ’90s when business owners were asking if they really needed a website. Today, you have to have a website if you want to be taken seriously (or even noticed) in the marketplace. However, in today’s marketplace, if you don’t have an online funnel you’re essentially guilty of marketing malpractices.

    Funnels are the future and they are quickly gaining in numbers compared to traditional websites. Now I wouldn’t suggest that you terminate your traditional website as they can serve a purpose, yet in this day and age where the human attention span is on par with that of a gold fish, an online sales funnel is crucial for any business.

  2. Dan Kennedy Quote & Value Ladder Marketing – “The business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” This is a quote by Dan Kennedy, a strategic advisor, consultant, business coach, and author of the popular No B.S. book series.

    If this is the first time you’re reading this it might sound a bit confusing at first yet it makes perfect sense when you really think about it.  Once a business is able to build a high converting sales funnel, scaling the business becomes a science. If you know that for every $1 you put into an online advertising campaign that the funnel will return $10 in revenue and $9 in profits; how many dollars would you put into that ad campaign? The absolute most that you can, right?!Review the video above until the sales funnel example Russell used really sinks in for you. In the “What Is A Funnel?” video posted above, you’ll also discover how implementing a value ladder into your online marketing can greatly increase profits and save a business that was once losing money.

    The value ladder marketing strategy is a powerful way to generate new customers while increase the customer lifetime value. Simply put, this marketing concept can save a business and scale it to new heights.

  3. Not All Funnels Are The Same – The mistake many entrepreneurs make is by taking their product or service and building a funnel for it without understanding proven marketing concepts & strategies. For example, if you’re selling a book then a membership funnel isn’t going to work for you.

    Likewise, if you have a killer video presence on YouTube & Instagram stories, using a PDF lead capture page will leave thousands of dollars on the table. Knowing your objective, traffic source and spending a sufficient amount of time to create an irresistible offer will give you the clarity you need to design a successful funnel.

Below you will find a handful of case studies from individuals and businesses that use Clickfunnels as their online sales funnel website builder.


10 Case Studies of Successful Funnel StrategiesSales Funnel Drawing

These are some very inspiring sales funnel case studies coming from the Clickfunnels community. I encourage you to find the one that best fits your business niche and carefully go through the case study. From a local business owner to someone who was just getting started in business; There Is A Funnel For That!

ClickFunnels Case Study For Agency/Freelancer

Clickfunnels (CF) offers the marketing training & mindset that allow us to implement it all through it’s extremely simple to use website builder. CF gave Julie, a website designing freelancer the confidence to scale her business to new heights while still remain a small home business. Click the following link for this freelancer case study.

ClickFunnels Case Study For Info-Product Creators

Clickfunnels (CF) gave Natalie, a mother of 3 the courage & tools need to create an info-product that sold more in one day than it once took her to earn in a few months. By simply sharing what has worked for her as a mother, she is making a huge impact on people’s lives and her income. Click this link to get the info-product case study with CF.

ClickFunnels Case Study For eCommerce Sellers

Jaime is a mother of 4 children living in a small Colorado town. Her and her husband own a skin care line which they were able to take from $0 to over $130,000 in only 6 months of using ClickFunnels. They continue to sell their products while making a huge impact within the health care industry. This CF case study for eCommerce seller shows how Natalie went from broke to multi-millionaire status in just 5 years.

ClickFunnels Case Study For Coaching/Consulting

This is one of my favourites. Not because Garrett White was able to ditch 6 different software because Clickfunnels is able to integrate all those functions into a single software. It’s one my favourites because of how it is empowering men to honour & cherish their women while building profitable businesses. Listen to Garrett J Whites case study as a coach & consultant.

ClickFunnels Case Study For Network MarketingMindy & Mandy's Clickfunnels Case Study for Network Marketing

Mindy & Mandy are twin sisters making an impact while growing their network marketing down-line. After two failed attempts at building a network marketing organization, they are now having success because of their attraction marketing funnel powered by Clickfunnels. Checkout this CF case study for network marketing.

ClickFunnels Case Study For A Local Business

Like many of us, Yanni was told by his father to go to school to become a doctor. However, he had no interest in becoming a doctor and want to continue in his father’s house painting business. Yanni followed his passion with painting & home construction and thanks to Clickfunnels he was able to discover his niche and generate over $60,000 per month in profits. Listen closely to this case study for local business owners.

ClickFunnels Case Study For B2B Selling

Ever feel sick and tired of the unavailable & over-priced web developer? How about the clumsy web-designer who said they can get your project done in just a few days but continuously fail to deliver? James was near the end of his rope before he found Clickfunnels and now he only has to speak with potential clients who have put their hands up and are ready to speak with him about his products and services. If you’re in B2B sales, this case study on B2B Selling is for you!

ClickFunnels Case Study For Non-Profits

Tyler met his spouse while at a kids camp when he was younger and today he is an executive board member for a Christian cam for kids. Before discovering Clickfunnels, their board meeting were normally about staying within budget & sharing ineffective ideas on how to reach parents and other donors. Now, Tyler’s board meetings are about expanding their reach & community impact. This is an excellent funnel case study for non-profit organizations.

ClickFunnels Case Study For Starting A Business With No Products

Like many aspiring entrepreneurs today, Spence loves that he can simply be himself, share amazing value and collect Clickfunnels Case Study for starting a business onlinemoney without having to be a sales-person; in fact, he doesn’t even need to have his own products. By plugin into the supportive Clickfunnels’ community her was able to replace the income from his job and win his dream car. This case study for starting a business can have a huge impact on so many people so please do share!

ClickFunnels Case Study For Bloggers

Do you have a childhood hobby that you continue to enjoy to this day? Well meet Sarah whom transformed her hobby around cooking into a successful business that she operates from home. Through blogging and Clickfunnels, her passion for cooking has become a profitable business that is bring families together all over North America. Turn your hobby into income with this case study for bloggers.

It’s More Than A Software – It’s A Psychology

Clickfunnels isn’t just another website builder or lead capture software. It’s a psychology that shifts people’s mindset as to home fun and simple it can be to create new revenue streams! You really are just one funnel away from the life you want to live.

Launch your first or next sales funnel with the One Funnel Away challenge.  Click here to learn more!



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  1. I heard about ClickFunnels and saw that many other bloggers recommend it. I do not know if I need at the moment since I just started my affiliate marketing journey.
    I understand that successful funnel can really bring a lot of money and I look forward learning more about funnels.

    Can you let me know your experience with funnels?

    Thank you.


    • Funnels are the future for collecting leads and increasing profits. However keep on blogging as this is how you create a web of hooks to pull people to the funnels. I’ll be creating a post today on the types of websites we have access to and how they should be used in regard to the 3 types of traffic. Stay tuned.

  2. I really enjoyed this post and got plenty of valuable tips on funnels. I’ve created a few in the past that didn’t work out, but reading some of the case studies here has opened my eyes. I’ve created an e-commerce site that sells print on demand t shirts, do you think I could create a successful funnel for my store using Clickfunnels?

    • I would say “yes” however it’s import to standout from the crowd by using what is called an Offer Stack.

      Perhaps you can post the link to your ecomm site and I can take a closer look at it?

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