The 4 C’s To Building An Online Asset That Produces Passive Income

The 4 Cs that are the foundation cornerstones to building passive income in any business whether online or offline. In fact, if you were to examine all the profitable business out there such as a local brick-n-mortar shop, a professional service or a national franchise, you will find that they all utilize in some shape or form these 4 C’s.

The 4 C’s To Building Passive Income Online

  1. Collect
  2. Capture
  3. Communicate
  4. Close

The 4 Cs do work sequentially however for it to run like a well oiled machine, Capture (in position #2) needs to be setup first. So what is Capture?

Capture Emails To Grow Your Income

Capture is the process of entering a new prospect or lead into your database. The database and capture mechanisms can range through a wide variation of tools so just think of your database as a Client Relations Management (CRM) system. The capture mechanism can be any method of entering a new prospect and/or customer into your CRM. Below you will find a few examples of the capture step in action:

  • Signing up for a loyalty card at the point of purchase
  • Writing the name, number and email address of a prospect or customer into your phone book
  • Downloading a mobile app & allowing ‘Push Notifications’
  • Entering an email address & name (sometime optional) into an online form to request a coupon, white paper, report, newsletter, tips, or to register for a webinar, etc.
  • Text ‘WINNER’ to “989898” to be entered into the draw

There are many other methods an individual or business can use as a capture tactic. With our focus being on online sales funnels and generating revenues online via digital marketing, the focus will be on capturing email addresses.

Email Marketing – Examples Of A Capture

As an example, a business can have a full web-page designed where the only choices a visitor has is to enter their contact information into the form on that page or leave the page.

Another example is to have a capture pop-up or other side widget that allows a visitor to enter their contact information in exchange for what is being offered. Both options are very useful in their own ways.

email lead capture page example

eMail Capture Pop-Up Example

Essentially, the main objective of Capture is to build your database or what is more commonly known as ‘building your list’. Depending on how long you have been around online sales & marketing, you may or may not be familiar with the phrase, ‘’the money is in the list” or some variation of it. From my experience, the money is in the value that I bring to my list. However, I’ll keep it simple and use the industry’s claimed average that a list is valued at one dollar per month for every one person subscribed to a list. Let’s break this down into numbers.

100 subscribers x $1 = $100/month

1,000 subscribers x $1 = $1,000/month

10,000 subscribers x $1 = $10,000/month

100,000 subscribers x $1 = $100,000/month

Keep in mind these numbers are averages and I certainly do not claim that you will make any money regardless of the size of it. The money is in the value that you bring to your list. Write that one down and remember it.

To recap, Capture is in the second position of the 4 Cs, however because of it’s importance when it comes to making this foundation marketing principle work, I did have to explain it first.

Collect With The Intent To Convert

Collect is the process of gathering people in front of your Capture mechanism. If you recall from the post, The 3 Types of Traffic And What to Do With Them, the best traffic is traffic that you own. In this case, you don’t own this traffic therefore the goal is to collect them to a central point where you can convert them into traffic that you own. This central point would be an email Capture page often called a squeeze page or lead capture page. The process of collecting can be done numerous ways including but not limited to:

QR Codes: when scanned, the user is sent to a squeeze capture web page.

  • Pay-Per-Click Ads: while this method doesn’t work for all niches, it’s quick traffic and easy scale.
  • Traditional Fliers: that includes a website and call-to-action to visit squeeze capture page
  • Solo Ads: the process of placing your ad with an email marketer who already has a large subscriber base

Essentially, Collect is any strategy or tactic used to get people towards your method of capturing their contact information such as an email address.

Communicate To Add Value & Build Trust

Now that you have successfully collected & captured the email addresses’ of your target market; the third foundation Communicate To The Masses - Blow horn Imagecornerstone to a profitable business is to Communicate to that list. Now allow me to get this clear from the very start. Communicate does not mean, spamming their inbox, pitching them on every possible product or service you offer.

Communicate is about the sharing or exchange information, news or ideas. It’s to be in-touch, be in-contact and to provide value to others. If this is done correctly and what you are communicating to your list is of value to them, you’ll become a trusted advisor; someone or some brand that they know, like and trust.

Once they “Like” you, then it’ll be easier for you to offer them something where they’ll be more than happy to pull out their credit cards and buy from you. The best thing is, this can all be automated using the power of the internet and some simple to use yet powerful tools like an email broadcast software.

Close The Deal While Your Sleep

The fourth foundation cornerstone is Close. At the end of the day, you want to see more & more revenues. We all venture into self employment or business ownership because we desire to turn profits in exchange for product or service we provide. No one starts a business with the goal of losing money and running the business into the ground. Therefore products need to be sold and most products do not sell themselves. In marketing & sales, there must be a closer.

I can feel it now, some of you are already telling yourselves that you’re not a salesperson or that you suck at selling. Please take a deep breath and relax. Often times you do not need to be the one doing the close. In fact, in many cases product creators would prefer that we don’t do the close. It really all depends on what business model you deploy online.

In any case, the close is where the transaction takes place and if you’ve injected value into the communication cornerstone, your subscribers will be ready to buy from you, making the close an extremely easy process.

To recap the 4 Cs:

  1. Collect – an email squeeze page
  2. Capture – an email marketing software
  3. Communicate – via your email marketing software
  4. Close – via webinar, FB Live, phone, etc

Your Email List Is An Asset

The name of the online marketing game is to build your email list as it can become your most valuable asset. After reading this sentence, close your eyes and fully imagine/feel what it would be like if you could send an email out to your list and within hours or even minutes, you’re seeing sales notifications within your accounts.  Just imagine how that would feel!

Now don’t get me wrong, setting up an online system that can produce results like that isn’t a walk in the park. Each of the 4 Cs requires some skill-sets. Anyone can learn these skill-sets, however it can take a significant amount of time or money. The key is to remember you are building an asset that can become a family legacy. With that said, I highly recommend that you do take the time to learn some of these skills because they can automate the way you earn income.

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Please comment below with any thoughts, questions or ideas!  I’d love to hear for you.



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  1. I really liked this post, and found it to be really informative…Just a quick question, though…What email subscriber software do you recommend? I haven’t really started looking into it yet, but I’ve heard of Mail Chimp and Aweber, I think…Anyway, any advice would be appreciated.

    • Hi Allison,

      For anyone just getting started Mail Chimp is a good way to go however what I would recommend is either Aweber or GetResponse. Aweber, I like their UX design better however for affiliate marketers & home businesses owners I would recommend they get started with GetResponse as they tend be more open to grass root business builders. You can visit https://onlinesalesfunnelconsultant.com/online-marketing-tools/ for my recommendations for web hosting, email auto responders and website builders.

    • A very informative read. The level of understanding and in depth knowledge throughout the posts are simply amazing. Thanks. I will keep on checking your site in the days to come.

  2. Rasheed, I really enjoyed this article. Thank you! And I like your focus on bringing value in other people’s lives and not just trying to sell them something they don’t actually need. Looking forward to your next articles! 🙂

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