Sell Your Ideas Online For Fun & Profits

FREE BOOK: Expert SecretsSo you have an excellent idea that can have a positive impact on a lot of people however you have no clue how to sell your ideas online. No problem as you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will cover some basic principles for taking your ideas and selling them online for fun & profits.

We are living in such an amazing time when all we need is a few good ideas, focus, simple marketing strategies and consistent effort to launch a new revenue stream whether it be for an existing business or simply to support the income from your current job.

Back in the industrial age, it would have required many connections, an immense budge and extremely labour intense work to sell your ideas. Lucky for us now, we live during a time when everything we need to sell our ideas online is right at our finger tips.

Sell Your Ideas Online For Dummies

OK… let’s be real here. None of us are dummies! In fact, I’d go as far as saying that we are all very competent in our own unique ways. For some reason, society has attempted to program us that if we don’t finish school and get that piece of paper that confirms we passed a specific course work, that we’re doomed to a life of mediocracy and failures.

I like to think that we all have some level of competency. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom of 5 children and you know how to get rid of that post-birth baby fat or you have a secret strategy for keeping a clean home. Perhaps you’re an artist with a unique method for blending paint colours for creating the perfect sunsets.

I’m sure there are people who are living in the poor house but always have the time & fund for a hobby such as fishing. And I bet they are experts at surviving in the wild. The survival niche is massive if you didn’t know. The possibilities are endless and by simply recognizing your talents & passions, it is achievable to sell your ideas online. No more being a starving artist or broke hobbyist. I know it sounds cliché however you can turn your passions and hobbies into a fun & profitable revenue stream.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Committing To This Journey:Brainstorm Ideas

  1. What hobbies am I passionate about?
  2. What are some of my interest that I would have so much fun learning more about?
  3. What work or volunteer experiences to I have?
  4. What do my family & friends say I’m really great at?
  5. Do I currently hold any specialized knowledge & experiences?

There are just a few questions to ask yourself when considering to start selling online for fun & profit. Really, there are no dumb ideas out there. I’ve seen successful sales funnels for Bigfoot Hunting Tours, How To Make A Potato Gun, How To Get My Kids To Love Yoga, How To Cook Using A Flame Grill Only, and many more. It can be as simple as looking at your life experiences and thinking about how you can package it as an irresistible offer that can help others who may have had similar experiences as you.

Internet Marketing 101: Selling Your Ideal Online

To achieve success online we need to take a look at how to create profits online. I’m going to stripe away all the flashing lights, loud bell and smoke screen and lay it out in the simplest of terms. There are really only 4 core steps to selling your ideas online for fun & profit.

4 Core Steps To Earning Money Online

  • Choose an interest. It is best to start with something that you can be passionate about. This can be a hobby, an interest, some special talent or expert knowledge. Heck, you might not even think you’re an expert at something however it can really be anything that you will have focusing on as you build this stream of income.
  • Build A Website/Funnel. You’re going to be selling your ideas online therefore you have to have a website where other people can go to pay you. This will be the foundation upon where you grow you profits.
  • Generate Traffic. Once you online storefront has been built, you will need to attract new people to visit. In the online world, this is called ‘Traffic’ however never forget that this traffic is real, living people. People that have emotions and logic.
  • Irresistible Offer. Now that you have real people visiting your website, it now time to give them what they were looking for by having an irresistible offer and a clear call to action.

Those are the 4 core steps to selling your ideas online for fun and profit. In an upcoming blog post, I will go into details about each of these 4 core steps.

Selling Your Ideas Online

Live Your Best Life While Selling Your Ideas Online For Fun & Profits

You now have a very broad, bird’s eye view of how to sell your ideas online. And while the process is simple, it will definitely require some great work ethics, discipline and consistent action to put these pieces together. You will also need to know how to market online.

I would highly recommend that you read Dotcom Secrets & Expert Secrets. The combination of those two books if really studied & acted upon, will give anyone with some ideas an excellent starting point for selling online. There are both free books that only require that the shipping and handling is paid for.

In addition to those two books, Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent community for people looking to sell their ideas online.  It provides all the community support and over 15 years of expert training.  You can setup your free account with Wealthy Affiliate here.

I’d love to help you build out a value ladder marketing the idea you have stored in your mind. Feel free to schedule a call with me. Also, take a moment and comment on your top takeaways from this article so I can continue to create more content that will assist you in selling your ideas online.  I also have a quick survey you can participate in that simple ask questions around building your business online.  Click here to participate.  Thank you as I much appreciate it.





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  3. Hi, Rasheed, it’s so crucial to be passionate about your next business venture. I love how you go over the important factors of creating an online business such as building a sales funnel using a website. There are so many benefits to having a website but what’s more important is producing content that people want to read. The internet gives us so much potential to extend our reach to people vs the old fashion marketing way where everything was newspaper articles or word of mouth.

    • Bingo! You hit the nail on the head with your comment. Some would say you ONLY need funnels however I think it’s important to spread valuable content through blog post; something that funnels on their own can’t do.

  4. Very informative guide Rasheed. It is really useful to me since I have many ideas that I want to put them on the action, therefore I decided to dive in the affiliate marketing niche and start from there. I will definitely pay close attention to the 4 core steps you provided regarding making money online.
    I will also bookmark your website on my favourite list for future posts. Looking forward to more information.

  5. Hi there, I enjoyed reading this post, you have a great writing style. I think my biggest takeaways are the list of questions to ask at the start, the irresistible offer you give to your site visitors. and the suggested books to read for more information. I’ll need to look into these some more for sure. I hope you can expand in a future post about the 4 core steps as I think that would be really helpful 🙂

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