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You might remember or at least heard of the Dot Com Bubble of the mid to late 90s. It was a time in history where millionaires were made because they saw an opportunity with the boom of the internet & websites. Well, if you missed that boat, another one has arrived and millionaires are being made again; this time with the use of funnels.

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ClickFunnels is the leading software company that is helping aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their business and also helping existing businesses to scale to new heights. Clickfunnels is having so much success at propelling small entrepreneurs to millionaire status that the media has taken notice.

Below, you will find a short clip by ABC 7 News from the Bay Area of California.

ClickFunnels Propel Small Entrepreneurs To Millionaire Status

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Rapidly grow your new or existing business with ClickFunnels!

ClickFunnels allows entrepreneurs to create beautiful sales funnels, which ultimately generate a hefty profit. With just a couple keystrokes, ClickFunnels provide an easy way to share your business mission with a large audience and guide web page visitors toward purchasing your product.

To date, the company has formed 5.21 million funnels with $3.6 billion dollars processed. These funnels have helped over 92,000 entrepreneurs and counting cultivate a global audience and transform their small businesses into million-dollar ventures.

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Go here for more information on ClickFunnels.

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Source Article: ABC 7 News


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    • There are… LeadPages being one of them however for usability & effectiveness… Clickfunnels has way more to offer.

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