Funnel Hacking 101: Don’t Reinvent The Wheel With Your Online Sales Funnel

Online sales funnels are a simple and easy way to get your message out to your target market, serve more people and ultimately sell more online.  Here you’ll discover the secret to exploding your business to new heights almost overnight.  By using this secret funnel strategy, you can take a new business and create a seven-figures revenue stream which would also give you bragging right as a 2CC Award recipient .

This secret funnel strategy can also help existing business owners discover untapped revenue stream.  And when correctly combined with the ‘Customers Now + Customers Later’ digital branding & marketing strategy, it’s a surefire way to instantly increase sales and the lifetime value of a customer.

Funnel Hacking 101: The Secret Art Of Funnel Hacking

Likely, you already know what an online sales funnel is.  If not, you can read ‘What Is A Sales Funnels.’  Assuming that you do know what an online sales funnel is, we can agree that they are a simple and more cost effective way to sell things online.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling.  By using the marketing psychology found in the free book Expert Secrets, combined with the easy of use with the website building software by Clickfunnels, you can funnel hack your way to online riches.

In the video below, Russell Brunson – owner of Clickfunnels – reveals the secret strategy of funnel hacking and how any beginner – or experienced entrepreneur – can build their first – or another – online sales funnel.

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Key Takeaways From Funnel Hacking 101

Find A High Converting Sales Funnel In Your Niche

Find a business in your niche that is doing really well. It can be earning $100, $1,000, $ 10,000, $100,000 per day or more.  It’s really up to you and the funnel you choose to hack. The idea is to funnel hack a business that is experiencing success.

It may take a bit of research however it is likely that you can find someone selling what you are or something very similar to it.  If after doing some research and you still can’t find a business within your niche, simply look at other funnels from different niches for inspiration.  Often times you will find that you can simple rearrange a few words to suit your objectives.

Discover The Business Model

Once you have selected a business that you want to funnel hack, you will then analyze each step of the sales funnel.  Yes, you will have to spend some money to see every step of the funnel.  However, once you do this you will be able to understand the objective of Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 – and so on – of the sales funnel you will be hacking. At this stage, it is a great practice to actually sketch out the funnel you will be hacking so you can launch your business online. Have a visual aid that will make it quick and easy to build out each step of your sales funnel once you are inside Clickfunnels.

This sketch now provides a visual to what funnel builders call the business model.  I it can also be a new revenue stream within an existing business.  Having this allows you to map out every requirement for each step of the sales funnel.  This makes the process of building the funnel quick with the simple drag & drop editor inside of Clickfunnels.Business Model - Funnel Hacking  As you heard in the video, Russell often has people asking him to take a look at their 500+ pages of a business plan.  However, when Russell asks them to map out how they will make money, he is left with blank stares.

I believe this is why so many businesses fail within the first few years.  They have these elaborate business plans however lack a visual map that outlines exactly how money is earned within the business. I have heard over and over from MBA graduates, that they have learned more about marketing from the free Expert Secrets book than they have from thousands and thousands of dollars spent at a university.  Sad but true.

Model But Do Not Copy Sales Funnels

Once you have the business model mapped, it’s time to take funnel hacking one step further.  Look closely at each page or step to the online sales funnel you’ve selected within your niche. Take note of the layout, fonts, colours, images, buttons, pop-ups, because you will want to model what is already working as an online sales funnel within your niche.

Remember, funnel hacking is about modelling what is already working.  This saves you so much time and money versus testing a new sales funnel.  It is not your job is to reinvent the sales funnel when you’re just getting started.  This is the biggest mistakes that business owners make when launching a business in 2019 and beyond.  Also, it is not your job to simply copy what is working because that can get you into legal trouble.

Please remember…

Funnel Hacking is about modelling what is working.  While you are not here to reinvent the sales funnel, you must be ethical in the process.  Take all the notes you have gathered and model what is working.

Funnel Hacking For Beginners

Launching or expanding a business using online sales funnels is probably one of the best ways to earning money online.  However, to achieve the level of success that you desire, you must implement proven marketing psychology with the tools of modern society.

As a Clickfunnels enthusiast, I highly suggest that you view the video above it you haven’t already.  In that video, Russell Brunson – Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur – introduces you to the secret funnel strategy that takes beginners from $0 to over $10,000,000 in revenues in just an amount of time.

After the quick introduction to Funnel Hacking, Russell invites you to watch the recording of his Secret Funnel Strategy presentation that he first revealed at Grant Cardone’s 10XGrowth Conference in Miami 2018.

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If you have any questions or would like to leave a feedback regarding this post, please comment in the space below.  If you would like a one-on-one, no obligation digital marketing strategy call visit this link here.

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  1. Hi Rasheed,
    I hadn’t ever heard of funnel hacking before, I guess I was under the impression it would be essentially copying but you’ve explained the concept quite nicely.
    Researching and finding someone successful in your niche may be a little difficult (or not) but you’ve definitely given me something to think about. Thank you for a great read.

  2. Very informative article indeed. Sales funnel is something that I’d like to explore further.
    I was wondering though about the right time to start using this sort of strategy?
    Thanks for a great post.

    • To answer your question, there is no wrong time to start using sales funnels. They are the future of online sales and they are outperforming traditional brochure websites. If you are blogging or creating any other searchable content, continue to do so and link your blog post to the specific sales funnel for what your blog post is about. If you’re not blogging, then your sales funnel will require that you are using paid advertising. Hope this answers your question.

  3. I am just getting started building my own online business and am so happy I came across your site! I will definitely stay tuned to your site for more great information as I research sales funnels and begin to incorporate the strategy into my business!

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