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Welcome, I am Rasheed, founder of Dance2Freedom Marketing, author of Customers Now + Customers Later: A Hidden In Plain Sight Branding & Marketing Strategy That Will Instantly Increase Sales And The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers ebook and I was in the Success From Home Magazine.

I am excited for you because I truly would like for you – a small business owner, coach or sales professional – to refocus you attention on providing your customers in the best way that you can, while I ensure that you always have a manageable level of new & returning customers to serve by leveraging my Customers Now + Customers Later digital marketing & branding strategy.

In The Beginning

It was over 10 years ago went I launched my first entrepreneurial journey with a network marketing company. As you could imagine, like most Independent Business Owners building a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), I burnt through my warm marketing with little results to show for it.

I was left wondering, “Where is my next prospect and customer going to come from” and “what can I do to generate some immediate cash flow?” This was back in 2006 when the internet has grown up a little. The dot com bubble has already burst and Web 2.0 was emerging from the ashes.

The internet at that time was a mix between the gold rush era and the wild-wild west. New opportunities were popping up daily yet there was very little in terms of rules and regulations. People were flocking online to sites like MySpace, Facebook, Google and YouTube. Many of them were looking for innovative ways to generate new customers for their businesses and I was right there with them.

I was excited about this network marketing business because as the quote goes;

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want!”

– Zig Ziglar

Unfortunately I was spending more money than I was earning. I was learning how to generate leads online yet the tactics & processes I was deploying was not easy to duplicate by others. As a result, I was recruiting people into my network marketing opportunity however people were dropping out just as quickly because MLM requires duplication.

The Struggle Was Real

I was unable to train my new recruits to duplicate what I was doing. And with the low investment price to get started in the MLM business opportunity I was using, the people I recruited lasted a few months if that. With little skin in the game so to speak, people were quitting my organization just as quickly as I was recruiting them. Looking back at it now, I see that experience as an in the field educational investment toward generating leads and new customers online.

My endeavours with network marketing eventually lead me to affiliate marketing and this is were I became infected with the Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) that plagues that industry. My in the field training was advancing and I was getting good at generating leads & customers online. However, due to my infection with SOS, I had no solid foundation to scale my business on. I was spinning my wheel yet I wasn’t going anywhere fast.

After a few years of being entrenched in the online-home business arena including MLM & affiliate marketing, I decided to take a step back from it all. Burnout was beginning to settle in on me and I really felt a desire to make a bigger impact with helping others get what they desired.

The Epiphany

I went through a period of profound spiritual growth via the teachings of various thought-leaders, meditations, deliberately setting mindful intentions and the sheer desire to create a bigger impact on others. One night, while I was laying in bed I suddenly had an epiphany! One that is changing the course of my business life and the businesses of others.

That night, I realized that I can take my years of digital marketing training and experience to help small business owners generate leads and new customers in their local markets. It was a brilliant idea sent to me from the Universe!

I know that I’m able to generate leads and new customers online in a very large and competitive global marketing as the online-home business arena. That was possible, therefore I also know I could generate leads and new customers in the smaller, local marketplaces for small business owners & other professionals.

I also know that brick-n-mortar business owners have more skin in the game as they have already invested thousands of dollar into building their dreams. They know that to grow their business they must invest money into their advertising efforts, have a manageable steam of new customer and a growing list of repeat clients and referrals. This is a mindset that is lacking for many individual who start network marketing and other online businesses.  Like me, they often get sucked into the Shine Opportunity Syndrome epidemic and quit because they didn’t get rich overnight.

With all that said, I’m excited to discover why you started your business and see if I can be valuable resource for your digital marketing team. My reward here is to see you succeed.

Ethically Steal Years Of Internet Marketing Knowledge

My plan is to become a high-impact, digital marketing freelancer & super affiliate. I will help individuals to scale their existing businesses by generating local leads while also showing individuals how to turn their passion or expertise into a new revenue stream.

The problem is that there are so many self-proclaimed “experts” and extremely loud charlatans claiming to be able to help local businesses generate more leads. There are Facebook Ad Experts, SEO Experts, Social Media Experts all shouting the same thing making business owners and new entrepreneurs more skeptical than ever. I understand that, therefore my intention is to simply become a valued resource for entrepreneurs, small business owners & individuals who would like to turn their passions into a new profit center. You’re not going to find any over-prices training course or flash in the pan yet gone in seconds, “black-hat” marketing gimmicks here. Only proven marketing strategies, sales tools and entrepreneurial resources that past the test of time.

The Goal: To Assist In Creating Success Stories

If anyone or any company decides that they would like some assistance when it comes to instantly increasing sales and the lifetime value of their customers, then great! Schedule a quick call with me here & let’s get to work.

The winning plan is for me to be a valued resource to you, outlining how to merge the benefits of a sales funnels with the reach of traditional brochure style websites. This will create a perfect blend of getting you local business customers right away while creating a web of hooks that will capture customers later.

2 Comma Club Award

While I may not win an award myself, I am eager to see how my efforts will help many business owners achieve their 2 Coma Club (2CC) or 2 Comma Club X Awards. Feel free to ask me for the details about this club as I can already see consistent visitors to this website & one-on-one clients walking across the stage to accept their award. And it will be my reward knowing that I assisted in such an achievement their businesses.

One of my online mentors has said…

“The Life You Want, The Marriage You Want…
The Family That You Want, Is Going To Be
Fueled By The Business You Build…

…and I want to help you fuel that business!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions around sales funnels and web hooks, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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Rasheed Bolade




Founder of Dance2Freedom Marketing, author of Customers Now + Customers Later: A Hidden In Plain Sight Branding & Marketing Strategy That Will Instantly Increase Sales And The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers ebook and a 'Rising Star' feature in the Success From Home Magazine.

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