3 Types Of Internet Traffic & What To Do With Them

While some people will argue that content is king, others will dispute that traffic is king. Regardless of whichever one is king, if you’re going to be earning money online you’re going to need both. Before I jump into the 3 types of internet traffic and what to do with each one, let’s make something very very very clear here.

Traffic = REAL people.Traffic Equals Real People

People who are looking to solve a problem.

People who are seeking to enrich their lives.

People with logic and emotions

People who have credit cards and willing to make an online purchase or visit a physical location to complete a purchase.

I just wanted to take that quick timeout to put a human element back into this word traffic. Remember that as you sit behind your computer, isolated, alone and in creation mode.

The 3 Types of Internet Traffic

If you read my previous blog Sell Your Ideas Online For Fun & Profit, you can recall the 4 core steps to generating revenue online:

  1. Select an interest/niche
  2. Have a website/funnel
  3. Generate traffic
  4. Earn profits

Before we rush of to Facebook or send an email blast, let’s take a moment and really understand who these people are… (clearing my throat)… I mean understand this traffic.

I’m going to go into all the statistic here because it quite obvious that the consuming public will search for a WiFi (internet) connection quicker than a television remote control or a newspaper. All these connections to the internet are in fact people, journeying along through traffic on the information highway. They are moving up to 1GB per second with virtually no boundaries. All they need to do is simply type or say a phrase into a web browser and Google will provide a plethora of results matching the request.

So how can we make sense of all this traffic? Well, it’s really quite simple once it is broken down into 3 types of traffic. Once you’ve made sense of it, then you can create a strategy to best reach those you are looking to serve and keep them coming back. The 3 types of traffic are:

  1. Traffic that you control
  2. Traffic you have no control over
  3. Traffic that you own

Foot Traffic Image

Let’s go ahead and make sense of this traffic…

Traffic That You Own

Traffic that you own is by for the best traffic to have. And by “OWN” I mean that you have instant access to them with no additional marketing expenses. This type of traffic will be on your email list, following you on social media, subscribed to your podcast or blog. The goal is to own all the traffic that is relevant to your business.

Any time you have more value to offer, you can send it to them very quickly. All this can be done without having to do any SEO or PR and no having to paying Google or Facebook. This is why people go around saying they have their very own ATM (automated [bank]teller machine). They can wake up in the morning, need a few extra dollars for whatever and create a sweet offer and have it broadcast through their entire media distributor centres in no time at all. By noon they have the money that wanted just like hitting up an ATM.

If you can think that for every subscriber to your email list, that will result in $1 per month, then you’ll see the importance of focusing your efforts on building your email list.

10 subscribers = $10/month

1,000 subscribers = $1,000/month

100,000 subscribers = $100,000/month

Remember, these subscribers are real people. Just because they are on your list doesn’t mean you’re going to get anything from them. You must first provide great value. With that said, the above figures are for illustrations purpose only and I cannot guarantee how much money you will earn based off the size of the list that you own.

Traffic That You Control

Traffic that you control is a key component of my ‘Customers Now + Customers Later’ digital marketing and branding strategy. It’s fairly quick to set up (if you know what you’re doing) however it does require that you have some money to spend. The whole objective of this traffic is to convert it into being traffic that is own.

Some examples of traffic that you control include:

  • Paid ads (Facebook, Google, Bing, etc)
  • Email list ads (solo ads, shout outs, etc )
  • Native ads
  • Banner ads
  • Joint venture

With this traffic, you pay the owner of the traffic, such as Google, and they will send traffic to wherever you ask them to. The page that they are sent to is generally called an email capture page however it can be for a webinar registration or application for. Whatever it is, the traffic has to options; to submit their contact information or leave the website, that’s it.

Of course not everyone will decide to move forward and will just leave, however with a high converting capture page, it’ll be worth the money and effort to eventually own your own traffic. Remember, just 100 people can amount to $100 in extra income each month.

Traffic That You Don’t Own Or Control

The last piece of traffic is just out there. You have no control of them. This is the traffic that searches on Google, visit blogs and otherwise just surfing the internet. There is no control of where they come from or where they’ll be off to next.

Sticking with the goal of owning all relevant traffic, there are still ways to convert this traffic into traffic that you own. The most effective way of doing this is by having a content that they can stumble upon. As an example, someone could be searching for ‘high performance brain fuel’and Google return a bunch of results. One of them is website which is really just a glorified lead capture page.

Yes the content on the page is great, however throughout it you will some form of an email capture system. In fact, some of the best marketers out there will turn some of these websites into glorified email capture pages.

What To Do With The Traffic

traffic control signIn a future blog post I will elaborate on what to do with these 3 types of traffic, however to get you started with this new-found internet marketing knowledge.

With traffic that you own, keep sending them both free value and value that they must pay for. Let them get to know you better by increasing your trust value. They will continue to buy from you and even recommend you to others as long as you continue to give them value and don’t offend them. Send this traffic to content that you create and irresistible offers.

With traffic that you control, send them to some sort of information capturing system. This can be an email capture, webinar registration or an application for. The goal is to convert it to traffic that you own.

With traffic you have no control over, the only thing in your power to reach them is to create valuable content. At the end of each piece of content have a strong call to action that leads them to an email capture form or something similar.

If you’d like to have a discussion on how to build you’re custom “Customers Now + Customers Later’ digital branding and marketing strategy for your business, feel free to schedule a strategy call.

I would love to hear you thoughts or questions about these 3 types of internet traffic. Please comment below!


Founder of Dance2Freedom Marketing, author of Customers Now + Customers Later: A Hidden In Plain Sight Branding & Marketing Strategy That Will Instantly Increase Sales And The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers ebook and a 'Rising Star' feature in the Success From Home Magazine.


  1. Great post on the 3 types of traffic, I think everyone can see from your article that building an email list is what they should be concentrating on. You then have a ready made audience interested what you have to offer, because they have already signed up to your email list for information from you.

    Thanks for this informative post,

  2. Thank you for this post explaining the 3 types of traffic we are looking for to come to our websites. I found the post very informative and will be checking back on your site for more tips.

  3. Great information.
    I have done only the traffic that you can not control and I am on my way to get the one I own.
    You highlighted a very important issue by saying you must give free traffic to your visitors and this is what is key for success online before getting an email list.

  4. Hi Rasheed, this is a very informative article. I think you were spot-on on your explanations of the different types of internet traffic. Owning the traffic, I think, is the best of the 3, but it comes with a lot of work. I do believe the associated work will one day pay-off. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  5. This was a very informative article, and I learned a lot! I never considered using an email list, how do you make money from subscribers?

    • While there are numerous tactics one could use to earn money from subscriber, the basic rundown is that you can directly send emails to them with different offers whether that be affiliate offers or your own product or service. I’ll create another post outline this in more details.

      Thanks for visiting.

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